KFHUKing Fahd Hospital of the University (Saudi Arabia)
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KFHU Physician's Perception of Importance of Hand Hygiene
Two-thirds of KFHU physicians reported that: (a) the health-care facility makes alcohol-based handrub always available at each point of care, (b) it is important to perform a good hand hygiene when caring for patients, (c) leaders and senior managers support and openly promote hand hygiene, and (d) clear, simple instructions for hand hygiene are made visible for every HCP.
Our results revealed positive perception of importance of hand hygiene among 44% of KFHU physicians.
4] In our study, it was observed that alcohol-based handrub was available in all the departments of KFHU.
Investigating physicians working at KFHU for knowledge and perception for hand hygiene can provide useful information for implementing actions for hand hygiene promotion in hospital and reduce number of HCAIs.
An educational program involving all the physicians at the KFHU might be necessary to enhance hand hygiene.