KFKKaring for Kids (Nepal)
KFKKernforschungszentrum, Gmbh, Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center)
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About Southeast Restaurant Group Southeast Restaurant Group(SRG) was founded in 1998 and is a sister company of the KFK Group.
Caption: An artist impression of MBDA's KFK Enforcer; this weapon draws on some of the ideas launched in the first Concept Vision programme in 2010.
Caption: An MBDA Germany technician prepares the prototype of the KFK Enforcer for flight.
Direncli temporal lob epilepsisi olgularini iceren cerrahi serilerde histopatolojik olarak kanitlanmis hipokampal sklerozlu hastalarin 1/3'unun ozgecmiginde KFK saptanmistir (20,21).
With an extraordinary portfolio of diverse residential and commercial projects, KFK Group has provided award-winning real estate development since its founding in 1996.
According to Elie Khoury, owner and CEO of KFK Group, "KFK Group is pleased to have Stream Realty as part of its team at One Main Place.
Negotiations on a sale of Svenska Foder are ongoing, and sale of further businesses from KFK is being considered.
Norsk Hydro will propose to the remaining KFK shareholders that a share of the consideration from the sale of operations be re-allocated to shareholders.
However, earnings decreased for Hydro's fertilizer operations outside of Europe and for the Danish animal feedstuff company KFK.
Improved margins were largely offset by higher development costs and a weaker result for the Danish animal feedstuff company, KFK.
According to environment executive Fatma Awale, the funds sourced from Germany's KFK Development Bank, will go towards rehabilitating and expansion of the neglected sewerage treatment plant in Tudor estate.