KFLKayseri Fen Lisesi
KFLKey Facilities List
KFLKorean Freedom League
KFLPotassium Fluoride
KFLKirikkale Fen Lisesi (Kirikkale, Turkey)
KFLKeeper Fantasy League (sports)
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With all African political parties having been banned, KFL became the only channel through which Mr Mboya could agitate for the freedom of Africans.
Dubai: The inaugural season of the Kerala Football League (KFL) kicked off at the Iranian Club's football ground in Oud Metha on Thursday.
The number of collected ticks increased annually from 2010 and reached a peak in 2013, with a subsequent decrease because of reductions in passive surveillance activities in KFL and LGL (11); Ottawa received an increasing amount of ticks over time (Table 2).
The heart rate was statistically significantly lower in Group DEX than Group KFL at 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 18 hours (Table 3).
Sampling Framework grains (%) Geochemical zones depth (m) Number Qtz Kfl Oxidation Strong oxidation 364-425.8 4 68.4 5.9 zone zone Weak oxidation zone 320-623 14 67.4 7.5 Mineralized zone 456.5-604.9 4 66.2 6.2 Primary zone 367-650.5 9 67.5 5.9 Framework grains (%) Clay minerals (%) Geochemical zones Pl Cal Dol Clay Kao Oxidation Strong oxidation 6.6 2.2 1.2 13.7 62.5 zone zone Weak oxidation zone 6.3 1.9 1.8 15.1 69.8 Mineralized zone 5.2 3.3 1.6 17.5 72.5 Primary zone 8 5 2.7 10.9 50.7 Clay minerals (%) Geochemical zones It I/S Oxidation Strong oxidation 11.5 26 zone zone Weak oxidation zone 11 19.2 Mineralized zone 10.2 17.3 Primary zone 19.3 30 Qtz, quartz; Kfl, potash feldspar; Pl, plagioclase; Cal, calcite; Dol, dolomite; Kao, kaolinite; It, Illite; I/S, illite/smectite mixed-layer.
Russian investment fund Aurora Russia Ltd (LON:AURR) said it had agreed to divest its Cyprus-based unit Kreditmart Finance Limited (KFL) for RUB100m (USD2.8m/EUR2m) plus the target's cash balance of USD450,000 (EUR324,000).
28 April 2014 - Russian investment fund Aurora Russia Ltd (LON:AURR) said today it had agreed to divest its Cyprus-based unit Kreditmart Finance Limited (KFL) for RUB100m (USD2.8m/EUR2m) plus the target's cash balance of USD450,000 (EUR324,000).
The aqueous solution of petroleum ether leaf extract (KFL) and chloroform stem extract (KFS) of Kedrostis foetidissima was treated with varying concentrations of silver nitrate (3 mM) solution in the ratios 5:1, 5:2, 5:3, 5:4, and 5: 5 under room temperature, higher temperature, and sonication.
The KFL organizers tweeted that the Mumbai born author said she would like to attend the festival next year.
28 September 2011 -- Rating agency CRISIL said yesterday it had given its B+ rating with a "stable" outlook to a long-term loan and cash credit of India's Kems Forgings Ltd (KFL), a company engaged in forging of alloy, carbon, and stainless steel.
Let Pk denote the set of privacy k th level, 1 [less than or equal to] k [less than or equal to] l , which means the uncertainty of information is kfl. After the calculation of u([I.sub.j]), the total [I.sub.j] can be classified into l sets represented by [P.sub.k], k = 0,1,2,.../, according to it's u([I.sub.j]) value.
* RBS applied for a Mandatory Injunction to restore the validity of the Board of KFL to the position prior to 5 October 2010.