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KFLCKentucky Foreign Language Conference (University of Kentucky)
KFLCKlein Family Learning (Kentuck)
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The mean (SD) KFLC value for serum was 25.4 (13.8) mg/L, and for lithium-heparin plasma it was 25.6 (13.9) mg/L (P <0.65).
No statistically significant difference was observed between the FLC values for samples stored at the three temperatures for 1 week when compared with the fresh or 1-day-old samples (KFLC and LFLC in fresh samples vs samples stored at 2-8 [degrees]C for 1 week, P <0.38; vs samples stored at -20 [degrees]C, P <0.39; vs samples stored at -70 [degrees]C, P <0.34).
Subtraction of within-run FLC imprecision from the total imprecision gave intraindividual CVs <2.5% for KFLC, LFLC, and K/L FLC ratio in 8 of 10 individuals.
In a group of 13 patients with acute or chronic renal failure of various etiologies, including secondary amyloidosis, and end-stage renal failure on hemodialysis, FLC concentrations were increased in all patients, but the K/L FLC ratio was within the population reference interval (KFLC, 45-166 mg/L; LFLC, 32-347 mg/L; K/L ratio, 0.35-1.39).
Serum K/L FLC ratios in a group of 10 myeloma patients who had received autologous stem cell transplant and were in complete remission (47-68 years) were 0.55-1.18 and within the manufacturer's population reference interval of 0.26 -1.65, although FLC concentrations were not normalized in all patients (KFLC, 7-30 mg/L; LFLC, 13-42 mg/L).
In a group of 32 MGUS patients (10 males, 40-73 years of age, 0-17 years since diagnosis; 22 females, 45-79 years of age, 0-22 years since diagnosis) with a current serum Mprotein concentration of 1-22 g/L and clinically stable disease, the KFLC concentration was 7-1018 mg/L, the LFLC concentration was 9-211 mg/L, and the K/L ratio ranged from 0.10 to 48 (Table 1).
(3) Nonstandard abbreviations: NSM, nonsecretory myeloma; AL amyloidosis, primary amyloidosis; FLC, free light chain; BJP, Bence Jones protein; PBSCT, peripheral blood stem cell transplantation; KFLC, [kappa] free light chain; LFLC, [lambda] free light chain; K/L FLC ratio, [kappa]/[lambda] free light chain ratio; M-protein, monoclonal protein; MM, multiple myeloma; and MGUS, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.