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KFMK File Manager
KFMKentucky Fried Movie (movie title)
KFMKelvin Force Microscopy
KFMKlippel-Feil Malformation
KFMKingsway Fund Management (Hong Kong)
KFMKidney Foundation of Michigan
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The home-makeable Kearny Fallout Meter (KFM), (3) also a dose-rate meter employing an ionization chamber, is an expedient that is useful for education or in monitoring exposure within an otherwise unequipped shelter, but it is not rugged enough for field use.
Image: Dopey, working-class northerner Best known for: Playing Dave Best in The Royle Family Early life: Craig was born in Stockport, Greater Manchester, in 1960, and rose to prominence in the late 1980s as a music radio DJ on Manchester station KFM. His shows featured a section entitled Who's Mother, which featured the vocal talents of longtime writing partner Caroline Aherne.
Firefighters were called to KFM motors in Consett shortly before 7pm on Tuesday after a member of the public spotted smoke billowing from the building.
Keysi Fighting Method, or KFM, was chosen as the style of Christian Bale's character.
Hall KFM, Bennetts TM, Whitta RKS, Wellman L, Rawlins P 2006 Effects of arterial line flushing solutions on platelet count: a randomised double-blind study Critical Care and Resuscitation 8 (4) 294-296
Jimmy Buckley with Johnny Ward at his launch in the Hazel Hotel' Laura Fields, Johnny, Maureen Bolger of Teenline Ireland, and Maureen V Ward' Johnny with his godparents, Mary and Pat Gilbert' Johnny with the boys from Jimmy Buckley's band' Maureen Bolger, Susan Ward and Keith Shanley of KFM' Johnny with Carmel Aspell who organised the Launch Night
ALTHOUGH this was a showcase gig for top-quality Edinburgh label KFM Records with great support from dubby sample king David Jack and six-man Scots hip-hop collective Penpushers The Magnificents stood out as the most exciting band on the bill.
"The price of the ingredients is roughly double the cost of conventional ingredients," says Karlo Flores, fifth generation chocolatier and owner of KFM Foods International.
The car, registration number K325 KFM, was later recovered a short distance away in Bob Paisley Court, near Harley Street.
The initial goal of the government was to bring the minimum wage in line with the cost of a consumption bundle known as KFM (Minimum Physical Needs) by 1994.
7 Craig first met Caroline at KFM Radio in Stockport.