KFSAKansas Farmers Service Association (est. 1947)
KFSAKansas Farm Service Agency
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He believes that pollution and water issues are going to be the overriding concerns for the next five to seven years, and is busy making sure KFSA can support its farmers.
KFSA, for example, holds safety meetings for elevator operators and conducts tours to familiarize firefighters with tunnels in the event there is a fire.
In its refusal to be tied down to a meaning the text becomes infinite, "within its limits limitless and inexhaustible," in Schlegel's formulation (Athenaum Fragment 297, KFSA 2:215; Fragments, 59, TM).
9) Schlegel himself, however, seems to have taken his own warning that "irony is something one simply cannot play games with" ("Uber die Unverstandlichkeit," KFSA 2:370; Wheeler, 37) more seriously than some of his critics, and to have been well aware of the difficulties that the attempt to use irony for one's own purposes can produce.
It was really a complete interruption and breaking off of the play, in which, as in the play itself, reigned the greatest lack of restraint, and the chorus, stepping out all the way to the edge of the proscenium |das bis an die Grenze des Proszeniums heraustretende Chor~, would say the rudest things to the audience (Geschichte der europaischen Literatur, KFSA 11:88).
9 Fort Smith KAYR AM 1060 Fort Smith KFSA AM 950 Fort Smith KRWA FM 103.