KFSBKorean Federation of Small Business
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"The earlier platform launched in 2016 had many shortcomings, which we acknowledge required a major overhaul," a KFSB official said.
KFSB president Kim Seok-won said, 'To develop trade and cooperation among member banks beyond just declaration and to produce mutual benefits, it is important to share best practices, as well as information and experience.
(22) Abuse of foreign workers had become so pervasive that the KFSB published a pamphlet that, among other things, advised employers not to beat their workers.
"The sale of Daewoo Motor will eventually ruin Korea's car industry," said Park Sang Hee, chairman at the KFSB.
The KFSB's Park acknowledged it might have to seek a foreign alliance after its takeover of Daewoo to manage the Korean carmaker, but stressed the aim right now was to block the company from falling into foreign hands.
Meanwhile, savings banks are pinning high hopes on Park Jae-sik, who was elected as the KFSB's new chairman, Monday.
He is expected to continue talks with not only KDIC but also the financial authorities," a KFSB official said.
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