KFSHRCKing Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
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The purpose of the programme is to improve proficiency within each area of the KFSHRC Leadership Competency Model in order to develop leaders for a competitive and an ever-changing environment.
King Abdullah has granted a piece of land with an area of 33,000 sq/m, south of KFSHRC in Jeddah to implement expansion projects,' he added.
Walid Saleh, a thoracic surgery consultant and surgical director of the lung transplant program at the KFSHRC, said the technique has recently allowed doctors to replace both lungs of a 17-year-old Saudi teenager.
Before the start of the games special awards were handed out as follows: Best Mascot Scalpelove (In-House), OFWCC (Guest); Best Organized Team Project Task Force (In-House) , KFSHRC 1, 2, 3 (Guest); Best in Uniform King Faisal Cardiac Center (In-House), KFSHRC 1, 2, 3 and Best Team Representative Diane Espinosa (Tsinoyz), Rio Angeline Arguilles (Prime Movers).
The costs of 730 transplantations at KFSHRC last year could have cost more than SR 1.
Tariq Lingawi, CEO of KFSHRC in Jeddah, said the new hospital would have specialized centers for the treatment of tumors and heart diseases.
The minister, on behalf of the staff of the Ministry of Health and the KFSHRC, thanked the king for his keenness to provide specialist health care with easy access to all people including expatriates.
Youssef Al-Said, chairman of the neuroscience department and director of the epilepsy center at KFSHRC, told Arab News in an exclusive interview that King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center is the main center for treatment in the country.
KFSHRC is one of the excellent centers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East that receives patients from around the Kingdom.
Installation of a pacemaker is done in a few countries in the world, and KFSHRC is one of the hospitals in the Kingdom that is doing this surgery.
Alsaeidi, consultant psychiatrist and program director of the CBT diploma program at KFSHRC, said that one of the main reasons was to disseminate information about this kind of therapy to psychologists and psychiatrists and to spread information about the importance and availability of such resource in treating out patients.
The conference, under the aegis of Executive Supervisor General of the KFSHRC General Foundation Qassim Al-Qasbi, will discuss the latest developments in surgical techniques and education.