KFTCKentuckians for the Commonwealth
KFTCKorea Fair Trade Commission (South Korea)
KFTCKorea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute (South Korea)
KFTCKentucky Fair Tax Coalition (est. 1981; London, KY)
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However, the DENSO companies were exempted from all of the KFTC's orders as described above, because they had completely eliminated the conduct that was suspected to be in violation before the commencement of the authority's investigation and because they applied to the KFTC for the leniency program in regard to suspected illegal conduct related to sales of automotive windshield wiper systems and instrumental panel clusters, which was granted by the KFTC.
Mega[logical not]ink is one of the leading ATM operators in the Philippines while KFTC is Korea s premier finance and payment settlement institution with expertise in establishing and managing interbank transactions.
It became the first country representative to the Asian Payment Network, an association of ATM consortia across the region of which KFTC is also a member.
As members of KFTC pushed their petition through the local government to the state level, they gathered coalition support from other state chapters of the organization as well as national environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and Trout Unlimited.
The global ATM network approves cash transactions between countries, so the safety of the system is of paramount importance," says Oh Eun-Sook, manager at KFTC in charge of this project.
As the representative financial network hub of Korea, KFTC recognizes the importance of system security," says Franck Greverie, Vice President for the information technology security activities of Thales.
Qualcomm is pleased that, after an investigation of more than three years, the KFTC has decided that there was insufficient evidence to support the multimedia integration claims and that the KFTC rejected all claims relating to conduct regarding WCDMA," said Donald J.
ROUSSET, France, June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Atmel(R) Corporation , announced today that the Korean Finance Telecommunication & Clearings Institute (KFTC) awarded Atmel with a certificate stating that Atmel's manufacturing processes and security comply with Koreans KFTC standards.
Banks will link directly to the utility service hosted by KFTC to process FX transactions through PAYplus for CLS.
The KFTC advised that the inquiry was not an official investigation but declined to provide an explanation of the reason for the inquiry or its focus.