KFZKraftfahrzeug (common German abbreviation for car)
KFZKingston Free Zone (free trade zone; Jamaica)
KFZKane Fracture Zone (geoscience)
KFZKarosseriebau Frank Zapf (automotive repair shop; Germany)
KFZKleinanzeigen Flohmarkt Zeitung (German: Flea Market Newspaper Classifieds)
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In the Kiaka Central Area "KMZ_Lenses" and "KMZ_Halo" represent the high and low grade domains within the KMZ respectively, whilst the "Adjacent Zones" represents KHZ, KFZ and KUB (Kiaka Upper Block) mineralization.
The grade estimation domains comprise the wide KMZ corridor and flanking KHZ and KFZ structures that were wire-framed using an approximate 0.
USA) 21 Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan) 21 TRW Automotive Aftermarket (TRW KFZ Ausrustung GmbH) (Germany) 21 WABCO Europe BVBA (Belgium) 22 ZF Friedrichshafen AG (Germany) 22
In addition, KDH187 on section 5425N and especially KDH181 on section 5450N, indicate that the contact of the KMZ and KFZ extends further to the southeast.
The resource estimation is based on the drill results from the central area at Kiaka and includes the KMZ and parts of the KHZ and KFZ zones.