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KGAKlein Gevaarlijk Afval (Belgium Flemish: Small Dangerous Litter)
KGAKissimmee Gateway Airport (Kissimmee, FL)
KGAKanto Golf Association (Kanto, Japan)
KGAKleingartenanlage (Berlin)
KGAKing's Gambit Accepted (chess)
KGAKearsarge Global Advisors (Alexandria, VA)
KGAKentucky Grocers Association
KGAKyrghyzstan Airlines (ICAO code)
KGAKnudson Gloss Architects (Boulder, Colorado)
KGAKagoshima Golf Association (Japan)
KGAKurt Grosz and Associates, Inc. (Laguna Beach, CA)
KGAKwajalein Ground Antenna
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Goldfinch will receive $55 million in upfront payments and an additional $54 million to support the development of the KGA platform for DKD.
"If we're overwhelmed [by apps] as clinicians," says Alison Magee, Senior VP of Clinical Services at KGA, "just imagine what it's like for someone suffering from a mental condition."
KGA has recently let two units at 21,506 sq ft to global instrument cluster manufacturer UK NSI - which works with leading brands in the automotive industry including Jaguar Land Rover and BMW.
Christie owns the Sassy's building, which serves as the home office for KGA LLC.
KGA is an independent non-profit making group which encourages businesses to be socially responsible by supporting voluntary and environmental initiatives and endeavours.
Xrat has !nos ge kae-ba xu kaeb kga ge skol!g0 tama ha I, tsib ge kis di skolsisenna ge khao-oatsoatsoa.
His style of play suits a natural golf course like the KGA, which has narrow fairways and where the one who maintains accuracy in hitting straight has the edge.
KGA joined a coalition, primarily composed of mainstream women's and civil rights organizations, that formed the "No on Proposition 73 Campaign" to defeat the measure.
See also Schleiermacher's polemic against natural religion, KGA 2:225; Crouter, 35 and KGA 2:310; Crouter, 109-11.
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 8, 2006 - (JCN) - Kissei Pharmaceutical announced on April 6 that it has concluded a licensing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for KGA, Kissei Pharmaceutical's proprietary candidate compound for diabetes drug.
According to a demographic study commissioned by KGA Advertising, Middletown, Conn., businesses that continue to view the 18-34-year-old market as a lifeblood to their success either are currently on life-support systems or already have succumbed to this misapprehension.