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KGBKomitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee for State Security, former USSR)
KGBKabeer Gbaja-Biamila (pro football player)
KGBKnowledge Generation Bureau (New York)
KGBKomitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti (Russian: Comittee for Security of the State)
KGBKetchikan Gateway Borough
KGBKiller Green Bud (slang for marijuana)
KGBKnown Good Board
KGBKids Gone Bad (various organizations)
KGBKilling Gloves of Boxing (gaming, Team Fortress 2)
KGBKing George Bush
KGBKolio Gilan Band (band)
KGBKnights of Glory and Beer (online role-playing guild)
KGBKapitulnik Geballe Beasley (Research Group at Stanford University)
KGBKronic Groove Band (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
KGBKappa Gamma Beta
KGBKalpatharu Grameena Bank
KGBKahlua, Grand Marnier, Bailey's Irish Cream (mixed drink)
KGBKraine Gallery Bar (bar in East Village New York)
KGBKnoxville Gaming Bureau (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
KGBKeep Geeks Busy (underground activities group for students at some VA and PA colleges and universities)
KGBKontrol Gruppe für Beschleuniger (Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia)
KGBKrishna Grameena Bank (India)
KGBKingston and George Bay Railroad
KGBKind Green Bud (marijuana variety)
KGBKorean Girl Boarders (snowboarding club at the University of Washington)
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The KGB tried to neutralize Gorbachev in the early 1990s but failed so the group focused instead on beefing up the future.
Any Russian who had the audacity to call the embassy with such a request had to be calling for the KGB.
But sometime before June 30, 2008, KGB signed a new lease with the landlord, "and failed to designate CBRE as the procuring broker, in direct contradiction of the agreement," the papers say.
The AP said thousands of documents were destroyed before the KGB abandoned its offices in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, in 1991, the year the Baltic state of more than 3 million gained its independence from Moscow.
The book provides valuable insights into the behaviour and practices of the Russian security services - seemingly unreformed since the days of the KGB.
Whether sanctioned by the Russian authorities (perhaps even by KGB alumnus President Vladimir Putin as the victim alleged) or carried out without formal authorization by lesser officials, the answer as to why Mr.
The first version of the book was originally banned in Russia due to its allegations against the KGB, though both authors continued their research until this year.
Alexander's younger brother Maxim, 24, revealed last night: "He left Russia after the KGB showed him a picture of Anatoly and told him he would never see him again if he didn't give them the video.
The extent of the operations of the KGB during its existence, from 1954 to the end of the USSR in December 1991, are now more or less known, or at the very least, suspected.
The book argues that Straight's activities continued long after 1942, the year he claimed he had quit working for the KGB in his 1963 confession to the FBI.
High-ranking KGB officer Victor Cherkashin targeted the so-called "Main Adversary"--the United States--for Russia between 1952 and 1991.
95) provides an eye-opening coverage not just of modern biological threats as depicted in the news, but of the history of Department 12 special operations, the elite core of the KGB charged with encouraging biological espionage and terrorism.