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KGDKishimoto Gordon Dalaya PC (architectural firm)
KGDKing's Gambit Declined (chess)
KGDKomitee Für Grundrechte Und Demokratie
KGDKilograms per Day
KGDKnown Good Die (semiconductor industry)
KGDKaliningrad, Russia - Kaliningrad Airport (Airport Code)
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The KGD was also safe and effective in a study of 10 adults with refractory status epilepticus, Dr.
On one hand, KGD test coverage will drive very detailed testing," Strid said.
Because several die could be mounted in one package, it's critical that KGD really are known to be good.
The next generation of these devices is different in multiple aspects including increased RF pins; added digital, memory, and power management circuits; simultaneous Tx/Rx operating modes, MIMO capability, and increased need for modulation and KGD testing.
Delivering memory ICs and KGD for low power and consumer applications is a significant challenge.
KGD and system-in-package (SIP) testing are other areas where membrane probe technology is being deployed.
KGD is still an issue for many companies, but some packages are stackable and can be tested along with bare dice.
These products are now available in volume quantities in a full range of packages including VQFP, BGA, WLCSP and KGD (Known Good Die).
Examples of KGD applications include mobile cell phones and portable media players, where multiple device types are incorporated into a single system-in-package (SiP) or multi-chip package (MCP).
Since SiP combines die from multiple vendors whose definitions of KGD vary and test methods are different, obtaining a KGD does not necessarily ensure its functioning in a multi-chip environment.
Our agreement with Infineon, a leader in the Mobile-RAM KGD business, augments our supply capabilities and further strengthens the DiskOnChip multiple source strategy.
Tera Probe is adopting KGD test for mobile memory devices targeting the burgeoning consumer electronics memory segment.