KGEKuchnia Gazowo-Elektryczna (Polish: Kitchen Gas-Electric; household appliances)
KGEKontrak Gulir Emas (Indonesian: Gold Scroll Contract; Indonesia)
KGEKingdom of God on Earth
KGEKnights of the Golden Eagles
KGEKeller Ground Engineering
KGEKansas Gas and Electric (Wichita, KS)
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In the present article we presented here for the first time a numerical/computer solution of radial biquaternionic KGE (radialBQKGE); which differs appreciably from conventional Yukawa potential.
The KGE business had sales of about pounds 40 million which is less than ten per cent of the total group business.
KGE and BUG are currently operating in the fifth year of five year distribution rate plans, expiring December 2012.
2 Some interpretations of preceding result of biquaternionic KGE
Westar and KGE have a solid liquidity position, and Westar's new commercial paper program should enable the utilities to access the short-term debt markets at attractive rates.
KGE, Westar's wholly owned utility subsidiary, provides these services to 318,000 customers in south-central and southeastern Kansas.
21/2014 of 14 May 2014, Vestas is pleased to announce a firm and unconditional order from KGE Windpark Schipkau Nord GmbH & Co.
The rating affirmations are driven by stable utility credit profiles of KGE and BUG supported by the inclusion of regulatory risk mitigation mechanisms in multi-year utility rate plans including revenue decoupling and full and timely commodity cost recovery with monthly cost of gas adjustment mechanisms.
Contract award: provision of maintenance and supply of spare parts, components, assemblies for shearers kge and kgs for plant jsw sa
Becker first was elected to the KGE board in 1981 and to the Western Resources board in 1992.
The notes rank pari passu with all existing and future senior unsecured debt of KGE.
The provision of maintenance services longwall production FAMUR SA exploited in the mines KHW divided into 4 parts depending on the type of the combine Part 1 - refers to the type of leased shearers KGE - 710FMPart 2 - refers to the type of leased shearers KGS - 600N/2BPPart 3 - applies shearers own FS - 200Part 4 - applies shearers own type KGE - 750F