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KGFRKeratinocyte Growth Factor Receptor
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It is known that KGF acts by binding to the FGFR2-IIIb receptor, also called KGFR, which is generally expressed in epithelial cells.
KGF is known to act by binding to the FGFR2-IIIb isoform (also known as KGFR), expressed by cells of epithelial origin, whereas the alternatively spliced FGFR2-IIIc isoform is generally expressed in mesenchymal cells.
It is known that FGFR2 gene is subjected to an alternative splicing to obtain the FGFR2-IIIc isoform, generally expressed in mesenchymal cells, or the FGFR2-IIIb isoform (also called KGFR), preferentially found in epithelial cells.