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KGGIKnowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence
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Along with winning numerous awards including Billboard Music Director of the Year, Gavin Program Director of the Year, and KYLD Station of the Year, Martin also serves as a consultant for KGGI Riverside and KKBT in Los Angeles.
The Music's Hot -- Smoking's Not" contest will be promoted on eight radio stations throughout California, including KKXX in Bakersfield; KBOS in Fresno; KPWR in Los Angeles; KEWB in Redding; KGGI in Riverside; KSFM/KSMJ in Sacramento; KHTZ in San Diego and KMEL in San Francisco.
The announcement was made jointly by AMFM's Senior Vice President of Regional Operations, Dick Kelley, Senior Vice President of Programming, Steve Smith, and Vice President and General Manager of KGGI 99.