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KGMKeratinocyte Growth Medium (dermatology)
KGMKonjac Glucomannan (water-soluble dietary fiber)
KGMKing Gate Mafia
KGMKonsortium Galactique Meknatif (French gaming clan)
KGMKing Mackerel (FAO fish species code)
KGMKuratorium Ganzheitliches Management (German: Trustees Holistic Management; corporate culture)
KGMKimberly Gold Mines, Inc. (Idaho)
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KGM is a high-molecular-weight polysaccharide and it is composed of d-mannose and d-glucose units linked by [beta]-(1, 4) bonds [21-23].
"I feel fortunate to have someone of Jimmy's caliber join our sales team," said Jason Cohen, KGM's executive vice president of sales and marketing.
Before being appointed to serve as the head of the KGM in January 2006, Turhan held various administrative positions at the ystanbul 17th Regional Directorate of Highways, where he started to work in 1985 as a civil engineer.
The Company's share in the sales from CCEL, KGM and PKI was 991 thousand tonnes of crude oil (84 kbopd), including 493 thousand tonnes (41 kbopd) shipped to export, which is 50% of the total sales volumes.
KGM finished runner-up on nine points and ahead of S Club Seven on goal difference, with Winskills fourth with six points, the same as ST Sprites.
In this Q+A, van Koolbergen discusses his path to the lighting industry, his return to the Northeast and the competitive landscape KGM faces in the New York market.
The bike is powered by the same 123cc triple-valve single cylinder engine, producing 10.06 bhp of max power and 1.08 Kgm of torque.
While the engine can churn out 197 PS at 3,800 rpm and 42.9 kgm of torque in the manual, the automatic transmission can generate 44.5 kgm of torque.
Returning to head KGM in late 2011, Kiinov is a respected technocrat and politician and has the ear of Nazarbayev.
Until now he was not named in court papers a nd was known only by the initials KGM.
The mum from Orford, Warrington, told the ECHO: "My brother Kgm Stephen Beacham was killed in an explosion in Northern Ireland 20 years ago.
Over the past two decades, purified konjac flour, commonly known as konjac glucomannan (KGM) has been introduced on a relatively small scale into the United States and Europe, both as a food additive and a dietary supplement.