KGMMVKyuri Green Mottle Mosaic Virus
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These five CGMMV sequences were compared with the already reported sequences in the Gene Bank by developing a phylogenetic tree of CGMMV, which showed that Saudi isolates belong to four clusters, while make 2 clusters when compared to other cucurbit viruses like CFMMV, ZGMMV and KGMMV (Fig.
Sequence homology with ZGMMV, KGMMV and CFMMV was lowest at about 48.
Las membranas electrotransferidas conteniendo la proteina de capside viral se incubaron con los anticuerpos policlonales (0,1ng/ml) contra los siguientes virus (American Type Culture Collection ATCC, Rockville, Maryland, EEUU): TMV (Tobacco mosaic virus), ORSV (Odontoglosum ringspot), CGMMV (Cucumber green mottle mosaic), PMMV (Pepper mild mosaic), FrMV (Frangipani mosaic) y KGMMV (Kyuri green mottle mosaic).