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Pesticides and other chemicals used on insects, crops, and "weeds" included Amdro, Diazinon, diesel fuel, gasoline, Greenlight Fire Ant Killer, Orthene, Logic, Ortho Pest Granules, Spectracide, AG500, Round-up, Mirex, Malathion, Scourge in mineral oil, Resmethrin, TAT ant traps, Dursban, Sodium silicate in baby powder, Thimet, Ridomil, Sett, Pydrin, Lorsban, Pix, Arsenic dust, 2-4D, Methyl bromide, Sevin dust and liquid, Ortho Flying Insect Spray, KGRO Fire Ant Killer, Paraquat, Valpar, Benylate, Aggie Ant Killer, Treflan, Typersan, Daconil, and Prowl.