KGStKommunale Gemeinschaftsstelle für Verwaltungsvereinfachung
KGStKölcsönös Gazdasági Segítség Tanácsa (Hungarian: Council of Mutual Economic Assistance)
KGStKerala General Sales Tax (India)
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NSM (KGSt) in Germany's police services--Phases in a sketch
Furthermore we identify the use of NSM (KGSt) concept and terminology to emphasize its change in significance.
5: Phases of NPM reform process Pioneer Phase Modification Phase (1995-1998) (1999-2002) Main Efficiency Effectiveness Perspective/Goals Reference Model New Steering Model Adoption of Management (KGSt) Concepts and Techniques System Elements Budgeting, Total Quality (Instruments) Decentralized Management, Balanced responsibility, Score- card, Process Product orientation, Management, Own Controlling, Cost developments: accounting, Vision result-oriented (Mission Statement), controlling (EOS) Performance Contracts, -effect-oriented and Management by controlling (WPM) Objectives Phenomenon Dogmatic: an Concept-Based unquestioning belief in NSM (KGST) instruments NSM (KGSt)-Concept NSM (KGSt) is Term "NSM (KGSt)" synonymous with increasingly falls into modernization of police disuse.
It was influenced by experience made under the public management reform in local governments, went bottom-up to state authorities and strongly relied on the NSM (KGSt) approach.
The NSM (KGSt) mainly consists of three components (Jann, 2005: pp.
During the Pioneer Phase the NSM (KGSt) concept with a variety of instruments was tested by German police services (see chart no.
The NSM (KGSt)'s product orientation was intensely used by several federal states' police services (e.g.
The police of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia could be looked upon as the benchmark police for the implementation of NSM (KGSt) reform (Promberger et al., 2005: p.
Due to these selected challenges in the implementation it was apparent that the NSM (KGSt) concept did not fulfil all police forces' requirements and had to be revised and strengthened.
The first adjustment was to rely on the NSM (KGSt) concept and simultaneously broadening it with such elements as strategic management, business process re-engineering etc.
It sought to modify their NSM (KGSt) approach by introducing controlling instruments and activity based management based on balanced scorecard methodology.