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KGUKwansei Gakuin University (Japan)
KGUKansai Gaidai University (Hirakata, Osaka, Japan)
KGUKumamoto Gakuen University (est. 1942; Japan)
KGUKenya Golf Union
KGUKnown Good Unit (circuit boards)
KGUKey Generator Unit
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They include Kenya Golf Union(KGU) North Rift representative Andrew Chelogoi from Eldoret Golf Club and his club pro Boniface Simwa.
'We will go down in history for hosting the Inaugural Region IV tournament which was held in Nyali last year,' said KGU chairman Murage.
(Frank Fasi, who calls Rees "a sick man," has decided not to appear.) Later he will be at KGU interviewing Steve Holmes, whose City Council seat was contested by Joe Pickard.
The new system, commented Kenya Golf Union (KGU) chairman Lucas Maranga, is also envisaged to provide a more consistent measure of players' ability between different regions of the world.
During the awards ceremony held at Muthaiga Golf Club, KGU also confirmed that they will announce the Junior Golf Foundation (JGF) nominee who will fill the sixth Kenya Open slot by the end of this month.
Among those drawn for Saturday's event include newly elected KGU chairman Anthony Murage - who will lead the entire KGU executive as well as trustees of the Junior Golf Foundation (JGF), a subsidiary of the KGU.LADIES CIRCUITThe ladies will be in the Mountain region for the inaugural Mt Kenya Ladies Open Golf Circuit which starts on Friday at Nyahururu Sports Club for the Nyahururu Ladies Open.
'At KGU, we have a capable team that has been working round the clock to ensure we are well prepared to host the Uganda team.
Unit equals Metric Unit Mass short tons (2,000 lb) = metric tons (t) long tons = metric tons (t) pounds (lb) = kilograms (kg) pounds uranium oxide (lb [U.sub.3][O.sub.8]) = kilograms uranium (kgU) ounces, avoirdupois (avdp oz) = grams (g) Volume barrels of oil (bbl) = cubic meters ([m.sup.3]) cubic yards ([yd.sup.3]) = cubic meters ([m.sup.3]) cubic feet ([ft.sup.3]) = cubic meters ([m.sup.3]) U.S.
Kenya Golf Union (KGU) has named the national team for this year's Africa Region Four golf championship to be held at Bujumbura Golf Club in Burundi from June 4 to 9.The four-man team, which is to be accompanied by two officials, a coach and team manager, is made up of two senior players and the same number of juniors.
Coast KGU rep Gurbux Singh with a total of 37 was the men's winner and George Munyao was gross winner on 76.
lied Conversion equ- Metric Unit Unit by Factor als Unit Mass short tons x 0.907 184 7 = metric (2,000 lb) tons (t) long tons x 1.016 047 = metric tons (t) pounds (lb) x .453 592 37 (a) = kilo- grams (kg) pounds x 0.384 647 (b) = kilo- uranium grams oxide (lb uranium [U.sub.3] (kgU) [O.sub.8]) ounces, x 28.349 52 = grams avoirdupois (g) (avdp oz) Volume barrels of x 0.158 987 3 = cubic oil (bbl) meters ([m.sup .3]) cubic yards x 0.764 555 = cubic ([yd.sup.3]) meters ([m.sup .3]) cubic feet x 0.028 316 85 = cubic ([ft.sup.3]) meters ([m.sup .3]) U.S.
Kenya Rugby Union (KGU) chairman Oduor Gangla moved to assert his presence on Tuesday by co-opting two women - Wangui Kibe and Peris Mukoko, to the union's board.Mukoko and Kibe are well known figures in rugby, having served the game at different levels over the years.