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The Fis inbreeding coefficient results according to chi-square (kh2) test values presented in Tables II, III and IV are discussed below.
Table 1 shows that the calculated value of kh2 is 4.20 which is less than table value at 0.05 level as the trend of respondents is toward disagreement.
The kh2 value of 35.84 provided sufficient evidence to accept the statement, "Religious extremism is the basic cause of terrorism ".
The value of kh2 =91.555 with significance value 0.0000 shows that there is strong association between pre-test administration with the training.
The seroprevalence in relation to lactation was significantly high (kh2 value = 18.511; P=0.0001) in non-lactating mares as compared to lactating mares (Table 2).
The kh2 of Model 2 was insignificant, kh2 (1, N=150) = 6.159, p=0.116, which suggested that the model was consistent with the observed data.
kh2 analysis for segregation of PSM908 showed kh2 (1:2:1) = 1.8 which is less than kh2 0.05,2 = 5.99 representing fitness of 1:2:1 ratio (Table 3).
The value of up chi square (kh2), in table 1, indicates that there are significant differences between street children and non - street children on impulsivity.
(kh2 = 15.00> 8.99 (S) DF = 2; Level of significance = 0.05; P.
the lose they if even checks analyse Always mate R6g2 Kh2 3.
The data were analyzed using kh2 test and multiple logistic regression methods.