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The verbs in Thai which can be classified as entailed-result verbs include khaa 'kill,' chiik 'tear,' hak 'break,' tat 'cut,' pcck 'peel,' and thamlaay 'destroy.' These verbs which function as the causative predicate can take a "confirmed-entailment" resultative predicate to cortfirm that the entailed result inherent in the causing verbs take place as shown below.
For example, the verb khaa 'kill' in Thai is an entailed-result verb since it cannot take a disclaiming clause and can take a confirming clause in a biclausal construction as exemplified in examples (15a) and (17a) repeated here for convenience as examples (36a) and (36b).
However, the aspectual profile of an entailed-result verb such as khaa 'kill,' which is originally an accomplishment with an inherent entailment can be reconceptualized as an activity if such a verb appears in a serial verb construction.