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Similarly, even if a a non-Thai who masters the term often given for "drunken noodles" (phad khii mao) may be very surprised when what arrives on the plate is, not a dish of noodles, but of rice covered with stir-fried vegetables of considerable spiciness.
(6.) Actually, the translation is more innocuous than perhaps it should be; the literal translation of khii mao is "shit-drunk." But it would also be unwise to over-interpret this; the word khii, offensive when mentioned as a noun on its own, serves as a common intensifier of negative adjectives (e.g., khi-kiat, "lazy"; khi-klaad, "cowardly"; khi-niao, "stingy," literally "shit-sticky").
Percentages of "How Most Want to be Remembered in Finnish High School" by Gender and Self-esteem Self-esteem high low girls boys girls boys (n=129) (n=199) (n=205) (n=156) % % % % brilliant student 21.0 19.6 26.8 26.3 athletic star 24.0 38.7 19.0 40.4 most popular 55.0 41.7 54.2 33.3 Khii = 8.1, df = 2, p [is less than] 0.05 Khii=22.8, df=2, p [is less than] 0.00001
Percentages of "How Most Want to be Remembered in Finnish High School" by Sex-role and Self-esteem Self-esteem: High Status choice N brilliant athletic most student star popular % % % Androgynous 123 18.7 29.3 52.0 Feminine 51 29.4 19.6 51.0 Masculine 99 18.2 38.4 43.4 Undifferentiated 54 16.7 44.4 38.9 Khii = 11.0, df = 6, n.s.
Un recit a huis clos porte par la prestation epoustouflante de deux monstres sacres du cinema marocain, Mohamed Choubi et Mohamed Khii. Les reunir en un seul plan est deja une trouvaille magnifique.