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The victim who passed away immediately was identified as Nhil Pok, a 70-year-old woman from Khna village, while the two who died in hospital had yet to be identified.
Instead he orders the villagers to get him khna (food) from their homes which he eats on a table long enough to serve as the passenger's cabin in a domestic airline.
A vrah kamraten an ta rajya is named in the inscription of Prasat Khna (K.356, 980 AD) and then, in the Tuol Komnap Ta Kin inscription (K.
Local political leadership of Malakand division including former ANP parliamentarian Shoaib Khan, Ijaz Ali Khan, former Jamat-e-Islami MPA Shah Raz Khan, Amjid Ali Shah, PPP Mahbob ur Reham, Mulslim Khna, JUI(F) Mufti Kafayat Ullah, District Health Officer (DHO) Dr.
Mohammad Ajmal Khna will preside while Senator Taj Haider will be the chief guest.
But Soknay was gunned down on January 30 as he was on patrol, along with Thol Khna, a staff member of Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia, and Sok Vathana, a military police officer.
Candidates of district council including Mohammad Khan Mohmand, Haji Mohammad Rasool, Fazal Haq, Haji Nadar Khna Mohmand and other office bearers were also present on this occasion.
Wildlife Conservation Society staffer Thol Khna, 24, Ministry of Environment ranger Theun Soknay, 37, and Military Police officer Sok Vothana, 34, were gunned down on January 30 after having confiscated equipment, including chainsaws, from a logging camp, officials and WCS have said.
Later The Chief Guest of Chairman Innovator Karachi Super League Saqib Iqbal Shad was gives away a man of the match award to Fayyaz Hussain, Ex Coach Mrs.Atia Saqib was Presented Master Blaster award to Aqib Rizvi, Main Mohammad Arif Paracha was the best blower award to M.Talha, Event Manager IKSL Arbaz Khna was presented best fielder award to Mohammad Ali.
A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khna Khosa heard the case.
At the time they were attacked in the jungle last Tuesday, neither Wildlife Conservation Society staffer Thol Khna nor Ministry of Environment ranger Theun Soknay were armed because they were forbidden from carrying weapons.
Members Murtaza Javed Abbasi, Sardar Muhammad Mushtaq Khan, Anjum Aqeel Khna and Malik Shakeel Awan had drawn the attention of the Minister-in-Charge of the Prime Minister's Secretariat towards delay in the projects.