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KHRKatekyo Hitman Reborn! (anime)
KHRKelly Healthcare Resources (staffing company; Troy, MI)
KHRKhairuddin Hasyudeen & Razi (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
KHRKAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Humanoid Robot
KHRInternationale Kommission für die Hydrologie des Rheingebietes (International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine basin)
KHRCambodia Riel (ISO currency code)
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The 95% KHR size did not change by season (paired t-test: [t.
Habitat Selection--Differences in habitat selection were influenced by location and 95% and 50% KHR (--Nln[[LAMBDA].
If measures contributed to re-euroization in the crisis period, then the most likely candidates for this role would be the two reductions of the FCLR rate, but also increasing KHR to 75 % may have played a role.
Averaged across locations, Fouara was the top yielding, mainly because of its good yield at the highest yielding sites SET, KHR end ALG.
Utilization of habitat by individual cuckoos was calculated based on the 50 and 95% KHR probabilities.
KHR provides the most competent and accomplished healthcare professionals in their fields, ranging from nurses, therapists and other allied health professionals to billing and coding specialists.
1 KHR AS is one of Denmark's largest architectural firms and has for the most part been rather anonymous, but one of the driving partners has been that great designer Knud Holscher, who helped to set a standard of excellent work which can be seen here (though Holscher himself was not directly involved).
The KHR expands the NICE guideline to cover both traumatic and non-traumatic intracranial conditions, and adopts a more conservative approach to immediate scanning (within 1 hour) than the NICE guideline, while broadening the indications for urgent scanning (within 8 hours) (Table 2).
Now retired from KHR, he has his own architectural practice and runs Knud Holscher Industriel Design.
The KHR is an accurate clinical guideline that serves to optimise the utilisation of CTB in a resource-limited environment while reducing the requirement for immediate CTBs by a third.
Tenders are invited for Preparation of service road of KHR Disty from RD 7200-51040
Contract award: implementation of security services in the khr (optional tmi) and szo the company vienna hospital association (kav).