KHVKoi Herpesvirus
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KHVKhabarovsk, Russia - Novy (Airport Code)
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For CyHV-3 or koi herpesvirus (KHV), although KHV disease (KHVD) is induced only in the species C.
Until now KHV was thought to have spread by either the movement of live infected fish or by contaminated nets used by anglers, but Dr Kevin Denham, head of the Fish Health Inspectorate at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, said: "It's possible that birds such as cormorants have the potential to spread KHV from one water to another, in their faeces and also in the undigested fish often regurgitated by cormorants when they're startled.
Even the top match venue in the country, White Acres Fishery in Cornwall, had KHV confirmed last week.
While the Singapore government has stopped short of imposing an outright ban on imports of koi from Japan, it has slapped on tight restrictions, requiring importers to quarantine the fish on arrival in Singapore and to wait for confirmation from laboratory tests to ensure they are not contaminated with KHV.
KHV viral disease is very contagious to carp, and is most commonly found in fish that live in outdoor ponds.
They say they lost only around 80 fish and did not think it could be KHV, which can more or less wipe out a fishery.
It shows that Molands in particular hasn't been too badly effected by KHV.
Most of the venue is past the worst of the KHV problem, though Anniversaries Lake is closed.
The news follows confirmation last week that nearby Packington Somers has also suffered from KHV.
This week another Midlands fishery, Leigh Sinton, was also confirmed as having KHV and there have been several more outbreaks confirmed across the UK.
Details of the statutory and voluntary controls in place to help combat outbreaks of KHV Disease may be accessed from the following web site: www.