KIAAKavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (Peking University; China)
KIAAKangaroo Industries Association of Australia
KIAAKentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Association
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2 and c98 (61–70) peptides in gastric cancer,[sup][32],[34],[35],[37] SART3 (109–118),[sup][39] PSA (16–24), PAP (155–163), PAP (248–257), PSMA (207–215), and PSMA (431–440) in prostate cancer,[sup][40] seven peptides (RLI 522–530, [sz]-tublin 5154-161, [sz]-tublin 5232-240, [sz]-tublin 5309-317, CGI 3772-79, KIAA 0036241-248 and KIAA 0036356-363) in a set of epithelial cancers including prostate, colon, gastric, cervical, and breast cancers,[sup][36] IEX 47–56 and IEX 61–69 in epithelial cancers such as lung, prostate, cervical cancers,[sup][41] the epitope between HBcAg residues 141 and 151,[sup][42] one peptide at positions 30–39 of the core protein in HCV1b.
This was the topic at 'A Taste of Kangaroo', an event hosted by the New South Wales Parliament and sponsored by the Australian Government and the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, or KIAA.
PT Angsa Mas Angsa Mas Garuda, Royal, Super Deluxe, KIAA 5.