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She watched with dismay as the Panamanian government pushed the dam project through, flooding Kiad and two other riverside communities, their cemetery and ceremonial site included, while causing springs to dry up and other environmental effects.
It did not, however, mention interventions to rectify the situation plaguing the residents of Kiad who, in addition to losing their ceremonial site, have lost their principal water source and their livelihood.
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Hussein Al-Barakati, a resident of Kiad, said that he feared for his mother's safety as she lives alone near the valley.
At around 1100 local time on December 1, 1974, TWA514 was beginning its approach into the Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD) outside Washington, D.C.
While listening on Channel 9 on a United flight from Washington/ Dulles (KIAD) to Portland, Ore., (KPDX):
There is a big difference between yapping away in KIAD's airspace and announcing position at a local field.
The Washington ADIZ is made up of the Washington Tri-Area Class B airspace, 20 miles around Baltimore (KBWI), Dulles (KIAD), and Reagan / National (KDCA), with a 30-mile bump on the south side of DCA.
Forecasting models can sometimes predict the onset of radiation fog, as it did in this example from a fog event at Washington-Dulles Airport (KIAD).
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