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KIATOKilimanjaro Association of Tour Operators (Tanzania)
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I held Little Bird in my hands, swaddled in a cloth, all the way to Kiato, and then took it into the exam room with me, afraid to leave it unattended in ease a mishap should befall it.
This project concerns the electrification of the "kiato - rododafni" section of the new dual rail high speed line of the piraeus - athens - kiato - patra (pathef) railway network.
The contract is to finish the outstanding work on the new railroad line between Kiato, in NE Peloponnese, and Rododafni, with contributions coming from European funds.
Tenders are invited for m t on kiato chicham kibber road portion km 10 650 to 18 810
Tenders are invited for m/t of kiato chicham kibber road km 18/780 to 23/845 hp-07-06
Contract notice: construction of remaining infrastructure, superstructure, signaling - telecommanding, telecommunications and electrical installations tunnels for the new railway line kiato - rhododendron (ad 715)