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KIBORKarachi Interbank Offered Rate
KIBORKiev Interbank Offer Rate
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Under provisions of sub-section 3 of Section 3 of the 2015 Act, the defaulters, both gas consumers and gas companies, were liable to pay mark-up at the rate of 4% plus three-month Kibor with effect from July 2015.
The court approved Mr Kibor's divorce from Naomi Jeptoo, his third wife, after he successfully divorced his second wife in October last year.
"Evicting us from the forest will make us lose our culture and moving from the forest is betraying our forefathers', Kibor said.
The assets belonging to a number of public sector power companies have been mortgaged in favour of the financiers as well as the previous bond backed by a government guarantee with a 10-year maturity at a rental return of Kibor plus 80 basis points.
For second and third tires the government will pay the difference between the applied interest rate and KIBOR + 400 bps.
Since, interest rates are highly resolute, so autoregressive models are most commonly used in the forecasting of KIBOR rates.
SBP had in 2004 advised all commercial banks in Pakistan to deploy Kibor as the bench mark rate like London inter-bank offer rate (Libor).
Islamic banks must submit to the Central Bank the details of Mudarabah, Musharakah and Wakalah based products for delinking with the KIBOR benchmark, including:
According to details, the maturity of these TFCs are up to 48 months with the maturity date of March and April 2016 with an expected interest rate of KIBOR plus 2.65 per cent per annum.
It carries profit at the rate of KIBOR + 1%, being paid semi-annually.
and applicable six-month KIBOR would be borne by the government of Pakistan as subsidy.
Still, despite lower liquidity, average KIBOR saw a continued but limited decline in June, ranging between 4 and 8 bps over the different maturities.