KICPKavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (University of Chicago)
KICPKeep It Clean Partnership (Colorado)
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Sumitomo Chemical expects that its participation in KICP will serve to further cement its already strong relationships with Saudi Arabia and accelerate its R&D activities based on its Creative Hybrid Chemistry.
Prior to joining KICP, Gates spent seven years in a senior management role at the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum.
KICP enriches the research experience while promoting economic development in Saudi Arabia.
KICP membership provides KAUST's collaborators with recruiting and outreach support, offers both employment and funding prospects to students, and also offers challenging and meaningful research and industrial collaboration with our network of partners around the globe," he said.
The KICP II project is designed to create new business environments, lessen cost of business operations and attract more private investments in the region.
KICP is a membership-based program aimed at fostering strong and productive partnerships with industry.