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KIDDKinetic Impact Debris Distribution
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The Bucks traded two future second-round draft picks to the Brooklyn Nets, where Kidd had been coach, as compensation.
Kidd was fired hours before the Bucks beat the Suns 109-105.
Kidd began at the Journal September 25, succeeding staff writer Andre Forget, who recently stepped down to pursue a number of independent writing projects.
Kidd, 38, is an independent photographer, cinematographer and film producer.
Of all of these famous pirates, perhaps the most interesting story is that of last in the previous partial catalogue of the pirates Lincoln deals with, Captain William Kidd (probably January 22, 1645 to May 23, 1701).
Kidd, who represents Glasgow Anniesland, is the group's co-president and was named by nominator Aytug Atici, a Turkish MP.
Kidd, born in Scotland in the mid-1600s, roamed the seas until 1701 when he was executed for piracy.
And while mention of her reported break-up with husband of four months David Blakeley is met with a polite but firm "no comment", Kidd is happy to chat about the new programme.
I thought it would be too much to bring him out and back (today)," says Kidd, her eyes brightening as she discusses "Indie".
Background: Kidd received his bachelor's degree in poultry science from the University of Arkansas in 1990, earning his master's degree there in 1991.
The state psychiatric board decided to have Kidd mentally evaluated to determine whether she could be admitted to Pendleton Cottage, a state-run 16-bed secured residence in Pendleton for people who have entered state custody after being found guilty of crimes except for reason of insanity.
He was predeceased by his parents, John and Frances Kidd; in-laws Elory and Hattie Wilder, Eugene Wilder and Sally Kidd.