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KIDSKeep Infants with Down Syndrome (advocacy group)
KIDSKids in Divine Service
KIDSKorean Identity Development Society
KIDSKernel Installation and Distribution System (Vista)
KIDSKnowledge Intensive Dynamic Systems
KIDSKnowledge Information Delivery System (LiteScape)
KIDSKnown Image Database Systems (DCCC)
KIDSKnowledge-Based Integrated Design System
KIDSKey Information Data System (various organizations)
KIDSKey Item Development Specification
KIDSKnowledge-Based Image Diagnosis System (medical imaging)
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'Open the door, dear children; your mother is here, and has brought something back with her for each of you.' But the little kids knew that it was the wolf, by the rough voice.
So now the wretch went for the third time to the house-door, knocked at it and said: 'Open the door for me, children, your dear little mother has come home, and has brought every one of you something back from the forest with her.' The little kids cried: 'First show us your paws that we may know if you are our dear little mother.' Then he put his paws in through the window and when the kids saw that they were white, they believed that all he said was true, and opened the door.
If I had let him stay three or four days without food, and then have carried him some water to drink and then a little corn, he would have been as tame as one of the kids; for they are mighty sagacious, tractable creatures, where they are well used.
Scarcely, however, had they gone a quarter of a league when, having killed a kid, he begged Jacopo to take it to his comrades, and request them to cook it, and when ready to let him know by firing a gun.
"Listen to me, kid," Bert began soothingly, as his arm slipped around her waist.
Now, at the sound of the kid's bleat, all the well remembered thrills recurred.
I see you are accustomed to wearing kid gloves--but some gentlemen are so awkward about putting them on."
He looked down upon the frightened, bleating kid, advertising, in its fear and its innocence, its presence and its helplessness.
As she said this she looked down at her hands, and was surprised to see that she had put on one of the Rabbit's little white kid gloves while she was talking.
"You go on an' look for the vife an' kid," he said.
Now as I ran I met a girl; a basket of mealies was on her head, and she bore a dead kid in her hand.
But the Butcher turned nervous, and dressed himself fine, With yellow kid gloves and a ruff-- Said he felt it exactly like going to dine, Which the Bellman declared was all "stuff."