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KIEFKanazawa International Exchange Foundation (Japan)
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Kief may be placed in a smoking device, bong, vape pen, or blunt, alone or on top of flower cannabis.
Manilow, 71, and his longtime manager Kief, 64, married last April in Palm Springs, California, but news of their nuptials has only just surfaced.
Happy couple Manilow and Kief did not sign any paperwork according to People magazine, but both wear wedding bands and a source said: "They are committed to one another and have been for a very long time.
For now, she has labelled her brand Kief Persian for handbag.
in handling this gift of kief, carving it into dusky blonde curls.
Alas for Richard Ford--his hair-raising run-in with kief sellers on a remote road in Morocco demonstrates that danger is all too often the traveler's companion.
Bill Maher also offered Colorado, "the Jackie Robinson of marijuana legislation,'' some tips, including having budtenders talk to customers "like a pharmacist would,'' curtail pot products that look like children's candy, and don't sell novices kief -- superconcentrated crystals so potent that they're "harvested directly from Willie Nelson's beard.''
Ball Brass & Aluminum Foundry Inc., Auburn, Ind., has acquired assets of Excelsior Brass Works, a subsidiary of Kief Industries, Blandon, Pa.
Prepared by Kief an Lim SI Prefixes Number Prefix 1 000 000 000 000 [10.sup.12] tera T 1 000 000 000 [10.sup.9] giga G 1000 000 [10.sup.6] mega M 1000 [10.sup.3] kilo k 0.0011 [10.sup.-3] milli m 0.000 0011 [10.sup.-6] micro m 0 000 000 001 [10.sup.-9] nano n 0.
KIEFER SUTHERLAND: Getting thrown out of a strip club for being drunk and disorderly is one thing, Kief. But getting thrown out of Stringfellows?
With vibrant color and a hip-hop score, coproducer and director Kief Davidson introduces us to a man of grace, agility, and childlike joy.