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The report said IU and Kiha have been meeting secretly, usually visiting each other's home in Mapo and Yongsan in Seoul.
30 this year that IU went directly to Kiha's apartment after arriving in Seoul from her trip in Shanghai, China.
7, the report said, after IU returned from Hong Kong for a photo shoot, she went directly to Kiha's apartment.
On the other hand, Kiha would go to IU's home when they are free.
Similar cases have been reported for Chukchi (Dunn 1999: 206), Olutec (Zavala 2000: 668), and Kanuri (Hutchison 1981: 136), in addition to which Swahili and Kiha also exemplify this language type (Lotta Harjula pers.
Examples include Maltese, Walmatjari, Djaru, Waray, Chukchi, Swahili, Kiha, Amele, Southeastern Tepehuan, Koyra Chiini, Supyire, Malay, Kanuri, Tiwi, Imonda, Pitjantjatjara, Tigrinya, and Maltese.
(10.) I thank the following people for answering my question on the acceptability of the relevant clauses: Michaela Prrn (Swedish), Katja Gruzdeva (Russian), Ashild Naess (Norwegian), Pilar Valenzuela (Spanish and Shipibo-Konibo), Bertil Tikkanen (Hindi), Lotta Harjula (Swahili and Kiha), Nobufumi Inaba (Japanese), Soon-Mi Hong-Schunka (Korean), and Magdolna Kovacs (Hungarian).
The Kiha 181 series cars, made between 1969 and 1972, feature an engine-cooling mechanism on the roof and high-power diesel engines that allow them to travel even in mountainous districts.
Kim Jeong-min, a publicist for the Korea Ice Hockey Association (KIHA), said Dalton's mask was a new one specially designed to commemorate South Korea's hosting of the Winter Olympics.
Naiar, defines sahid as dharam yuddh vich sarir arpanwale num sahid kiha jamda hai, "The term shahid is applied to him who sacrifices his life in a dbaram yudh" (Gut Ratan Mal, 165).
The exact size of the roster will be determined at the upcoming IOC meeting, but the Korea Ice Hockey Association (KIHA) announced a 23-player roster, pending changes.