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KIHCKingston Immigration Holding Centre (Kingston, Ontario)
KIHCKids into Health Careers (education initiative)
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27) Voir Mike Larsen et Justin Piche, << Exceptional State, Pragmatic Bureaucracy, and Indefinite Detention: The Case ofthe Kingston Immigration Holding Centre >> (2009) 24:2 CILS 203 (<< [c]ombined with the enforcement of a daily routine, "movement controls," the maximum-security setting, and pervasive surveillance, these policies give detention at KIHC the character of a penal regime >> a la p 223).
The packet includes an overview booklet; a poster with information on the back about what KIHC is, why it is so important, who KIHC is trying to reach, examples of career opportunities in the health professions, and reference guides; an operating instructions booklet covering qualifying, financial aid, fulfilling a need, selection criteria, addressing target audiences, and reporting elements; and a booklet with presentation models for students K-5, students 6-12, parents, and teachers, counselors, and school administrators.