KIHSKeewaytinook Internet High School (Balmertown, Ontario, Canada)
KIHSKent Island High School (Stevensville, Maryland)
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Operating for eight years now, KIHS is an online program that offers a full grade 9 and 10 program, courses in grade 11 English and math, and grade 12 English.
"What KiHS was established to do," said principal Darrin Potter, "was to try to meet the needs of parents and community members who wanted their kids home longer than Grade 8, because a lot of students are not ready to leave."
KiHS offers these youth another option: earn Grade 9 and 10 credits online, while still living at home, going out on the trapline and Continuing to learn from their Elders.
Under the KiHS teaching model, one teacher is hired for each of the program's 13 communities or "classrooms." These teachers then develop and deliver lessons to students in all of the communities and also serve as support personnel for their local students.
Potter feels that having fully qualified teachers in each community is one of KiHS's strongest assets, because it gives students access to multiple teaching methods and sources of knowledge.
In its first five years, KiHS has given students a strong base, not only academically, but technologically.
What they're learning through KiHS is that that is not the case, he said.
Emerging out of KiHS is another program that also taps the needs of a target group of First Nations students.
The lessons are developed and co-ordinated by former KiHS teacher Fernando Oliveira, and are intended to build up academic skills that will allow students to succeed in the more academically rigorous world of high school.
A record number of Candidates were presented: Sheri Billetter, CDA, EFDA, Corvallis, OR Wendy Frye, CDA, RDA, North Hollywood, CA Adrienne Harris, CDA, RDA, LaVerne, CA Linda Kihs, CDA, EFDA, Salem, OR Lisa Lovering, CDPMA, Billings, MT Bonnie Marshall, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, Battle Ground, WA Lynda Moan, CDA, Billings, MT Donna J.