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KIIKey Informant Interview (information gathering)
KIIKyocera International, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
KIIKorea Information Infrastructure (South Korea)
KIIKudos Information, Inc. (now Sigma Kudos)
KIIKappa Iota Iota (Virginia)
KIIKoch Industries Incorporated (Kansas)
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Itikka Co-operative, Lihakunta and Pohjanmaan Liha Co-operative are Series KII shareholders.
New Delhi [India], July 6 ( ANI ): Cyient Corporation, on Wednesday signed a non-exclusive business alliance agreement with KII Corporation, an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions enablement platform provider, to explore, bid and address business opportunities around deployment of Smart City.
Kii's IoT platform supports all components of a typical Smart City solution -- (1) smart city sensor/device/gateway components thru Kii "device agents" that provide cloud enablement and bi-directional data flow between devices/sensors and cloud, (2) smart city middleware thru the cloud-based "core backend and analytics" layer of the platform that provides data, user and device management as well as big data analytics and optimization, (3) smart city apps and services thru the platform's APIs and SDKs.
KI is a 12-story residential building and KII is a 19-story residential building, both for elderly.
but already blasting humid air at the Kii peninsula prefectures of Wakayama and Nara.
Kliklok has just installed three of their new KII cartoners to Belgian frozen food producer Nanuk.
Also, in a distinct change from the previous 'glue wheet' method, the KII is fitted with an enclosed hot melt glue system, with nozzle type application for efficient & accurate closure.
The Buluk branch was inaugurated on June 1 by the President Salva Kii who became the first customer to open a KCB Advantage Banking account at the new branch.
That's the problem to be solved," the adventurer told reporters yesterday from aboard his catamaran Suntory Mermaid II off the Kii Peninsula in western Japan.
1 -- 4 -- color) The treasures of Hawaii's Kona Coast include enchanting sunsets framed by palm trees, top; wooden images of gods - or kii - at Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, left; schools of bright-yellow tang flitting along the shoreline, above left; and the village of Holualoa, above right, where art galleries are housed in buildings that date to the early 1900s.
Basing this work on his ethnographic fieldwork in mountain villages of Japan's Kii Peninsula in the late 1980s (for a doctoral thesis submitted in 1992 to the London School of Economics), Knight (Queens U.
Bruchac takes us back to World War II when his protagonist, Kii Yazhi, is recruited by the Marines to develop a secret military code based on the Navajo language.