KIITOKiinteistöalan Tutkijakoulu (Finnish: Graduate School in Real Estate and Facilities Management)
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Since its first exhibition in 2013 in Kobe, Japan, Kiito has been urging countries prone to natural calamities to be exceptionally disaster-prepared.
Example words with medial short/single plosives are Estonian kade (Q1), keda (Q1), keeda (Q2), keeda (Q3) and Finnish katu (cVCV), kita (CVCV), kiito (CVVCV).
Kobe Kiito Co., a long-established raw silk company, filed Thursday for court protection from creditors under the fast-track corporate rehabilitation law, President Masaki Imanishi said.
Other Japanese general trading companies with New York offices included Suzuki Shoten (until it went bankrupt in Japan in 1927), Iwai Shoten, Okura Shoji, Takashimaya Iida, Gosho, Nihon Kiito, Asano Bussan, and Ataka Shokai.