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KILLKilldeer (bird species Charadrius vociferus)
KILLKeep Inventories Low and Lean (business strategy)
KILLKeep prospecting, Instill prospecting, Live prospecting, Love prospecting (US Marine Corps recruiting slang)
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"I shall kill you," repeated the genius, "as you have killed my son."
"But I do not wish to kill any of them," I replied.
That he joyed in killing, and that he killed with a joyous laugh upon his handsome lips betokened no innate cruelty.
Well, you will drown; and if you do not drown we know a ford, and we will catch you and kill you-- yes!
At the battle of Borodino Napoleon shot at no one and killed no one.
The birds and the monkey-people went north early in the year, for they knew what was coming; and the deer and the wild pig broke far away to the perished fields of the villages, dying sometimes before the eyes of men too weak to kill them.
"Idiot!" muttered Danglars; "whether she kill herself or not, what matter, provided Dantes is not captain?"
He bestrode it as a lion in the pride of strength, with shield and spear before him and a cry of battle on his lips resolute to kill the first that should dare face him.
If you will kill for me the Wicked Witch of the West, I will bestow upon you a great many brains, and such good brains that you will be the wisest man in all the Land of Oz."
When I kill it must be that I am another creature." He did not try to explain further, for it always seemed to him that a woman must look with loathing upon one who was yet so nearly a beast.
It was bad to break up the tribe, for then the Meat-Eaters would come over the divide and kill them all.
He did so, and came immediately back to me, and told me they might be plainly viewed there - that they were all about their fire, eating the flesh of one of their prisoners, and that another lay bound upon the sand a little from them, whom he said they would kill next; and this fired the very soul within me.