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The failure of this last kiln left me without a single dollar with which to make another experiment.
About the time that we succeeded in burning our first kiln of bricks we began facing in an emphasized form the objection of the students to being taught to work.
Waiting for some reply, I looked about me, noticing how the sluice was abandoned and broken, and how the house - of wood with a tiled roof - would not be proof against the weather much longer, if it were so even now, and how the mud and ooze were coated with lime, and how the choking vapour of the kiln crept in a ghostly way towards me.
I'll put your body in the kiln - I'd carry two such to it, on my shoulders - and, let people suppose what they may of you, they shall never know nothing."
The white vapour of the kiln was passing from us as we went by, and, as I had thought a prayer before, I thought a thanksgiving now.
The kilns were burning, and a stifling vapour set towards us with a pale-blue glare.
He had been a workman himself; he could keep a fire in his kiln and could put a price on his work, and that was about all he knew; he had no energy, and no idea of business.
Vigneau probably borrowed fuel to heat his kiln, he certainly worked by day, and fetched in his materials in basket-loads by night; in short, no one knew what boundless energy he brought to bear upon his enterprise; and the two old mothers, clad in rags, worked like negroes.
On working days she would go to see him at work either at the workshops or at the brick kilns, or at the sheds on the banks of the Irtish.
The kiln tire was forged on Ladish's ring-roll mill, which is the largest in the world.
said Friday it will acquire all outstanding shares in British insurer Kiln Ltd.
Thanks to a grant from the Forest Service, HFHP will begin to thin the adjacent public lands in Pot Creek and use the harvested wood, some in its kiln to make pots.