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KIPKnowledge Is Power
KIPKeyboard Input Processor
KIPKeep It Private (software)
KIPKnitting in Public
KIPKarst Information Portal (geology)
KIPKissing in Public
KIPKey Interface Protocol
KIPKlamath Irrigation Project (US Bureau of Reclamation; Klamath Basin; Oregon and California)
KIPKonceived in Prison (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
KIPKey Interface Profile
KIPKelley International Perspectives
KIPKampong Improvement Program (Indonesia)
KIPKey Intelligence Position
KIPKey Influence People
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Maggie's insistence upon gentleness implicitly calls into question August's treatment of Kip in Something Cloudy, which makes for the play's pivotal thematic action.
Kip was in the back of the funeral home resting in the same box he'd been shipped home in.
Kip is well behaved in the house and is easy to live with.
Speaking on Newstalk Radio's Tom Dunne Show yesterday Bill fumed: "If he thinks that Ireland is a kip why doesn't he go back out there to France and stay there.
A proud fifth generation Canadian, Kip loved the army from his earliest remembrance.
The KIP is open to youth of Indian origin (18-26 years).
Dutch caravan rental company Boedelbak said today it has agreed to buy bankrupt Dutch caravan manufacturer Kip Caravans for an undisclosed sum.
This first drop gives you enough momentum to start the kip with a little assistance.
BOOTH, Christina Kip Windy Hollow, 2009 unpaged $24.
Under intense police surveillance, Kip struggles to put together the pieces of Grace's disappearance.
However, the emergence of Kip Deville out of a first crop which numbered just 27 has naturally presented Kipling to a wider audience.