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KIPAKorea Institute of Public Administration (Seoul)
KIPAKrahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors (Helsingborg, Sweden)
KIPAKorea Information Technology Promotion Agency (South Korea)
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We are committed to driving value from all our businesses and, for Kipa, we believe this is best achieved by accelerating plans to focus the business on its heartlands, minimise capital spend and improve profitability," a Tesco spokesman said.
While Palestinian mortar barrages can be launched from every corner in occupied Palestine, Israel will have to deploy its newly invented Iron Kipa over its borders and around its towns.
Some of the items are mundane; some of them are important effects, such as the kipa or work utensils.
MANOA, Hawaii - The Oregon State softball team dropped a pair of games on the final day of the Malihini Kipa Aloha Tournament at the University of Hawaii.
Long hair and its New Age style have led to a change in the kipa, which is generally very large and colorful and made of wool, or alternatively tiny and barely visible within the tangle of hair.
Meanwhile, the Grand Finals for GNGWC 2008, hosted by KIPA, will be held on the last day of Gstar 2008 in Ilsan, KINTEX, and this coming 16th.
In an uncanny fusion of precedents and politics, Shakine reenacts the collapse of the modernist sculptural object into the physical and psychic register of the horizontal plane while clearly alluding to the followers of the religious Zionist movement (many of whom, identified by their kipa sruga [knitted skullcaps] have settled on the region's hilltops).
Despues de un prolongado silencio, la polemica resurgio en marzo de 2004, a proposito del voto de una ley que prohibia el uso <<ostentoso>> de signos religiosos como el <<velo islamico>>, la kipa judia o los crucifijos cristianos en la escuela y la vida publica.
KIPA NUFC NEWCASTLE don't seem to have the right balance in midfield.
Culto que, como muchos otros, esta sujeto a rituales; posee nombre propio: vigorexia; decreta una asistencia regular al lugar de culto o templo: gimnasio; su practica es mediante la repeticion de oraciones o mantras: consignas verbales y/o musica estereotipada que senalan el compas del ejercicio, y, por ultimo, hace uso de una vestimenta que proporciona identidad con los pares: ropa fitness, equivalente al velo, kipa, etc.
In addition, Tesco intends to double the count of its Tesco Kipa hypermarkets in Turkey from six to 12 this year with a 100 million [pounds sterling] ($172.