KIPFKorea Institute of Public Finance
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* The author thanks Tatsuo Hatta, Charles Brown, Illoong Kwon, Kathleen Segerson, Steve Ross, Ken Couch, Wolfram Richter, Yongsung Chang, Leslie Reinhorn, Junghun Kim, Hyungjun Kim, Gary Wong, Bonggeun Kim, Woojin Lee, Young Sik Kim, and seminar participants at numerous places, including the University of Connecticut, KIPF, the 2008 PET conference, the 2008 IIPF conference, the 2008 KPUBE conference, and the 2009 macroeconomics workshop for useful discussions and comments.
For access into a more remote area, turn north at the Glamis Store onto Ted Kipf Rd.
A KIPF researcher said, asking not to be named, The former methods are used by both corporations and individuals.