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KIPPERSKids in Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings
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It turns out that the Isle of Man kipper, which he said had to be put in a plastic bag with ice because of regulations imposed by the EU, was actually packed this way because of UK rules.
When it comes to sending a Great British Kipper to a Great British Aunt, Great British Companies are required to use Great British Ice because of Great British Laws.
Forty years ago, with the pressure off, on the first morning of the match the players at the team hotel were treated to a breakfast of champagne and kippers by skipper Alan Smith.
KIPPERS has become an increasingly serious phenomenon for legal and financial advisors, which is how and why the term KIPPERS emerged--to describe what is happening.
Kippers. Oily." This is how the website describes the Islay single malt whisky "Benedict XVI: Habemus Cerevisium Distillatum," filled into a finishing cask on the first day of the conclave and offered by the Regensburg (Germany) Whisky Club.
Having left university and still living at home, I am one of the many KIPPERS or Kids In Parent's Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings.
Kippers are ``kids in parents'pockets eroding retirement savings''.They go away to university,come home regularly with their dirty washing and empty bank balances, then they graduate and return to the bosom of their families until they save up enough money to buy their own pad, which can take years and years.
Listeners to local radio stations Heart FM and Galaxy are likely to be a bit bemused when they hear some adverts urging them to visit Cabbage World or its sister attractions, the 'worlds' of kippers and sprouts.
THERE'S much more to the Isle of Man than the TT races - such as kippers, queenies and cats.
"And there's only one way to enjoy kippers. Microwaved and served on buttered toast covered in lemon and lime marmalade!"
Mix together the kippers, cod, potatoes, chives, lime juice and pepper - until well combined.