KIPTKharkov Institute of Physics and Technology
KIPTKiwi Income Property Trust (New Zealand)
KIPTKeihin Indiana Precision Technology (manufacturer; Keihin Corporation)
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"That's all to no use, Mounseer Frog, mavourneen," thinks I; and I talked as hard and as fast as I could all the while, and throth it was mesilf jist that divarted her leddyship complately and intirely, by rason of the illigant conversation that I kipt up wid her all about the dear bogs of Connaught.
Belave me, my jewel, it was Sir Pathrick that was unreasonable mad thin, and the more by token that the Frinchman kipt an wid his winking at the widdy; and the widdy she kept an wid the squazing of my flipper, as much as to say, "At him again, Sir Pathrick O'Grandison, mavourneen:" so I just ripped out wid a big oath, and says I;
VUJE (Slovakia), AJV AeA3/4 (Czech Republic), LUT (Finland) and NSC KIPT (Ukraine) have extensive knowledge with regard to safety analysis, licensing and experience in working with the local authorities in their respective countries.
From 1966 up to 1987 he was the director of the plasma physics division, being head of all works relating to the plasma physics program, and became the Deputy Director of KIPT.
Tolok was given the leadership responsibility for the development of the stellarator line at KIPT, carrying out the corresponding theoretical and experimental program.
After leaving KIPT in 1988, he organized and headed the laboratory on vacuuum-plasma technology in the physico-technical faculty of the Kharkov National University.
Tolok at a celebration at the KIPT in honor of his 80th birthday.