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Accordingly, what is written as klp can be transliterated as either karb 'a priest hostile to Zoroaster' (from Avestan karapan-) (16) or kirb 'the external, visible form of living beings' (from Avestan kdhrp-).
Inter alia, it permits one to understand that the narrative portrays the Lie as an entity that has no proper form of its own, "form" (Pahlavi kirb) being an aspect of material existence.
(37) In that case, Zarathustra's act of truth did not destroy something extant; rather, it dispelled an illusion through which something non-extant conjured up the simulacrum of being or, more precisely, it exorcised a demonic force from the bodily form (kirb) it temporarily inhabited.
Saydam N, Kirb A, Demir O, Hazen E, Oto O, Saydem O, Guner G (1997) Determination of glutathione, glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione S-transferase levels in human lung cancer tissues.
Genentech CEO Kirb Raab says the R&D price tag may run some $300 million over a minimum seven-year period.
KICKED TO THE KIRB: Alan Kirby hit a late equaliser against his native Waterford before Longford's FAI Cup win in 2004' CLOSE FRIEND: Alan Reynolds' SOMBRE: Denis Law is consoled after relegating Man United in 1974' CHALLENGE: Longford boss Alan Mathews is building a new team
TOWN CHALLENGE: Longford's Alan Kirby shrugs off Steve Gohouri of Vaduz; STAR-STUDDED: Stephen Paisley of Longford is caught with a tackle; SILVA LINING: Vaduz goalkeeper Carlos Silva protects his goal-line; KICKED TO THE KIRB: Longford's Eric Lavine, centre, nicks the ball to Alan Kirby as Steve Gohouri of Vaduz closes in at Flancare Park last night
6 [TD.sup.2] MS 11.10-12: ganag menog az getig tarigih an i xwes tan [i] dam fraz kirrenid pad an i kirb i syaih i a durestar-*gon i tom-arzanig druwand ciyon bazag-adentar xrafstar.