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We found that the PLK1 expression negatively correlated with the HLA activity in 12 cancer types (LUAD, LUSC, TGCT, GBM, ACC, UCEC, DLBC, STAD, KICH, ESCA, SKCM, and UCS), while in 3 cancer types (THCA, KIRC, and LGG), we observed an opposite trend (Spearman correlation, FDR<0.1) (Figure 2(a)).
We found that high PLK1 expression levels were associated with depressed Treg cell enrichment levels in 16 cancer types (THYM, LUSC, GBM, TGCT, SKCM, PRAD, UCEC, ESCA, UCS, UVM, OV, DLBC, LUAD, STAD, CESC, and KICH) while were associated with enhanced Treg cell activity in 5 cancer types (THCA, KIRC, LIHC, BRCA, and BLCA) (Spearman correlation, FDR<0.1) (Figure 3).
Moreover, 166 (74%) of the 223 CTA genes showed positive expression correlations with the PLK1 expression in LIHC, and 145 (65%) CTA genes did in KIRC. Furthermore, the GDSC data analysis showed that the PLK1 expression levels were positively associated with the CTA enrichment levels in cancer cell lines (Spearman correlation, R=0.22, P=4.09 * [10.sup.-12]) (Figure 4(a)).
In this work, four TCGA datasets, BRCA, HNSC, KIRC, and THCA, were applied to our method.
Although, after approximately ranking top 30 genes in KIRC, MUFFINN performs comparably with DriverFinder, it has poorer performance in the top 30 genes.
Back in 2013, a lawsuit was filed at a Swiss court by KIRC, which alleged that it bought the fund's stake in the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, demanding the fund to pay JD93 million for failing to implement the alleged agreement.
XXXIII--Nuremberg: Christoph Gutknecht, 1533--2 unnumbered leaves, 57 numbered leaves, 1 unnumbered leaf--shelf mark 1533 Kirc:1 (19) Kirchen Ordnung In | meiner gnedigen Herrn der Marg= | grauen zu Brandenburg, Vnd eins Erbarn Raths | der Stadt Nurmberg Oberkeyt vnd Gebie= | ten, wie man sich bayde mit der Lehr | vnd Ceremonien hal= | ten solle.
XXXIX-- Wittenberg: Hans Lufft, 1539--22 unnumbered leaves--shelf mark 1539 Kirc (21) AGENDA, | Das ist, | Kyrchenordnung, wie | sich die Pfarrherrn vnd Seelsorger in | jren Ampten vn[d] diensten halten sollen, | Fur die Diener der Kyrchen in | Hertzog Heinrichen | zu Sachssen V.
For OV and KIRC, the label was determined by the survival time.
The KIRC mRNA (Figure 6) and miRNA (Figure 8) datasets showed diverse prediction distributions.
Three cancer data sets, namely, AML, BRCA, and KIRC, were downloaded from the TCGA database, and the differentially expressed miRNA and mRNAs were separately identified for each of the data sets by using the fold change ranking combined with a nonstringent P value cutoff.
As to the KIRC data set, the patients in the pathological stages I and II were assigned into the low-risk group and the patients in stages III and IV were assigned into the high-risk group.