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KIRSKiwi International Rowing Skiffs (New Zealand)
KIRSKehillath Israel Religious School
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As noted above, alloreactive donor NK cells expressing inhibitory KIR mismatched for recipient HLA class I KIR ligands and possessing critical activating KIR positively impact the outcome of transplantation.
recently reported a reduced relapse risk in adults with AML, but not in those with ALL, given allogeneic HSCT from unrelated KIR haplotype B donors [31].
All donors were selected on the basis of the expression of a KIR for which the cognate ligand (HLA allele) was missing in the patient.
In addition, most groups have selected donor/patient pairs based on inhibitory KIR mismatching or in a subgroup analysis have found that inhibitory KIR mismatching led to the best outcomes.
The upregulation of KIRs expression does not directly induce a decrease of NK cytolytic activity, namely, when activated NK cells lyse neoplastic cells, they must specifically distinguish non-MHC class I cells from normal cells under the delicate balance required for specific killing.
In contrast, IL-2 also upregulates the expression of KIRs on the CD16 non-expressing cells (Kogure et al., 2001).
IL-2 upregulates the expression of KIRs (Kogure et al., 1999).
In this study, we examined the KIR and HLA genetic background in 171 male patients.
In our previous case-control study, several KIR and HLA variants, including HLA-C1C1, HLA-Bw4-80I, and KIR2DS4(f)/(d), were identified as the risk factors for HCC development in the patients with HBV infection.
This result supports further that KIR and HLA combinations can influence the onset age of HCC.